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NuFlo® Temporar​y Diverting Agent

Near Wellbore Applications

Designed to Effectively Divert Fracturing Fluid into New Fractures

FTSI created the NuFlo® system building on methodology that has been proven to increase production in new wells and in refracturing applications.

Each of the dissolvable diverting agents is comprised of various particle sizes that temporarily block existing fractures and help develop new fractures to increase stimulated reservoir volume (SRV). The particles then dissolve after time and temperature to open flow from new fractures and resume flow from the previous fractures.

The NuFlo® system can be used to divert fluid at the wellbore (NuFlo® 1000) or in the fracture far field (NuFlo® 1000FF). It is effective in new or depleted wellbores and can be utilized in many active shale plays.

Nu-Flo Icons 

Features and Benefits:

Creates effective packing and diversion
The distribution of optimally sized particles enhances packing and diverting efficiencies.

Dissolves completely with no residue
Because NuFlo® diverting agent is degradable, it fully dissolves and does not leave behind any residue.

Compatible with multiple fracturing fluids
The base fluid can range from fresh water, brines, slickwater or linear fracturing fluid.

Pumps easily into any fracturing stage
It is simple to add through the sand screws or can be added directly into the blender tub.

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