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Aquacor® Fluid Systems

FTSI designs fracturing fluid systems to enhance hydrocarbon recovery

Solutions for Reducing Fresh Water Use

FTS International developed the Aquacor® suite of fluids to help customers with a growing challenge in our industry – reduce the amount of fresh water required for well completion operations. Using our sophisticated technology, customers can control the effects of produced and recycled water on the fracturing systems.

Fracturing Fluid Systems

Aquacor® LB Fracturing Fluid is a guar-based crosslinked system designed for use with recycled water with a high boron content and low to moderately high temperatures. The system employs XLD-2, which attaches to the borate particles in the water without reducing the overall stability of the crosslinked fluid.

Benefits and specifications:

  • Controls surface crosslink viscosity caused by boron, minimizing surface treating pressures
  • Reduces fresh water use – increases environmental stewardship
  • Facilitates the reuse of water with up to 100 ppm borate

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Friction Reduction

Aquacor® Slick 1000 is a competitively priced cationic polyacrylamide that reduces fresh water use and outperforms traditional friction reducers.

This unique formulation is designed for use with recycled water with up to 250,000 total dissolved solids (TDS) and can also be used as an acid gelling agent. That allows Aquacor® Slick 1000 to deliver optimal results while providing an environmentally conscious solution for reducing fresh water use in hydraulic fracturing operations.


  • Reduces fresh water use, increasing your environmental stewardship
  • Outperforms traditional friction reducers in recycled and produced water
  • Competitive pricing for high-performance cationic system


  • Serves as a friction reducer in water with up to 250,000 TDS
  • Can be applied as an acid gelling agent
  • Effective in varying temperature ranges, depending on application and salinity levels

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