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Custom-Manufactured Equipment

FTSI facility manufacturing components for well stimulation and wireline services

FTS International custom-manufactures and assembles hydraulic fracturing units and pumps used in our fleets. Implementing well completion solutions for complex unconventional operations requires the kind of expertise we use every day to produce customized equipment for the most demanding and challenging reservoirs.

Hydraulic Fracturing Unit Manufacturing

Each fracturing unit includes a 2,500 horsepower (HP) high pressure pump, 2,500 HP engine, transmission and radiator along with a proprietary silencer to mitigate engine noise.

Many components used in our fracturing equipment are fabricated in-house, including fuel tanks, structural brackets, hoses and mufflers. We also produce most of the support equipment used in our fracturing operations:

  • Blenders with large tubs mix fluids with proppants at well site. The mixture is transferred through pumps to move the fluid under pressure into the well.
  • Hydration units - large trailer-mounted containers - continuously mix fluids.
  • High pressure manifolds are manufactured to connect the well's tubing to the discharge lines, transporting the fluids and proppants from the pumps.

Pump Manufacturing

At our state-of-the-art facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, we custom-manufacture the high-pressure hydraulic pumps used to push fluids and proppant into a well formation. We use 3D CAD design, computer numeric control (CNC) machining and robotics to manufacture durable pumps. We also manufacture and distribute replacement pumps.

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