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In a market where every investment decision counts, FTSI can help you improve efficiency, minimize risk and increase production. We specialize in designing solutions that use unconventional thinking to deliver unconventional results. Here are a few ways we do it:

Safety: Minimizing Risk Elevates Profits

FTSI’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) are consistently lower than our industry peer group. THINK SAFETY isn’t just a slogan for us. It is a key driver for how we structure our culture, processes and operations.

New Technology Unlocks Results and Drives
Down Costs

We’re focused on meeting the demands of today’s market, while preparing solutions that keep our customers in step with the future of the industry. Here are some of our latest cost-effective solutions:

  • Refracturing Technology

    Our NuFlo® system effectively and temporarily diverts fluid to new fracture networks. Unlock the path to additional hydrocarbons in your depleted – and new – wells with this pioneering solution.

  • Efficient
    Fracturing Fluid

    Our PolyLite™ fluid is a low-polymer system with high performance results, delivering excellent stability, conductivity and proppant transport.

  • Economical Chemical Profile

    FTSI has re-engineered and re-sourced many of the chemicals used in our fluid systems to ensure we’re delivering the most cost-conscious and highly effective solutions possible. For example, our new Turquoise® Plus fracturing system delivers savings of up to 30% per stage.

  • Water Reuse Technology

    Reducing fresh water use helps you cut costs and improve environmental stewardship. FTSI’s Aquacor® technologies help to maintain the efficacy of the fracturing system while using produced or recycled waters.


With more than 1.6 million hydraulic horsepower capacity, FTSI is one of the largest well completion service providers and the largest pure-play hydraulic fracturing company in the world. Our targeted focus on pressure pumping and wireline allows us to be nimble and innovative, setting us apart from others who carry the extra weight and business expense for services that aren’t core to your current business needs. That means we can keep our costs competitive, scale our business to meet your demands and maximize number of stages per day based on your needs. And, we offer many benefits that you expect from a sizable, stable and mature company:

  • Expertise and Service Quality

    Our experienced teams bring the highest level of service quality into every operation to maximize stages per day, optimize production and lower completion times.

  • Top Notch Training and Safety Program

    Our crews are confident, experienced, safe and ready to perform.

  • Tier-One Technology

    Through a strategic partnership, our technology center offers customers a range of technical services, formation analysis and reservoir optimization solutions.

  • Robust IT Infrastructure

    Improves uptime of our systems, from recording actuals on the jobsite to delivering real-time job activity and analysis.


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