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About Us​

FTS International well stimulation operation

FTS International is the largest private well completion company in North America and has a joint venture in China with the Sinopec Group. Exploration and production companies rely on FTSI’s deep expertise and customized hydraulic fracturing solutions to enhance their recovery rates from oil and gas wells, primarily in unconventional plays.

With 1.6 million hydraulic horsepower along with cutting-edge technology and an industry-elite safety record, we have a unique ability to answer the challenging demands facing customers today. And with widespread district offices, maintenance facilities and wireline services in every major U.S. basin, we’re equipped to meet those demands quickly.

See what makes FTSI unique in the industry.

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Well Completion Services

FTSI combines advanced oilfield equipment and technologies with teams of experts to deliver results-oriented and well completion solutions for customers. Years of experience, a wealth of expert knowledge and an unwavering commitment to safety make FTSI an elite service provider in the oil and gas industry. Our well completion services include:

  • Pressure Pumping – FTSI leverages the latest advances in technology to provide customized hydraulic fracturing services for today’s unconventional needs. We custom manufacture key components used in our operations, providing greater control over maintenance and performance. We also continue to develop and deploy innovative solutions, such as our dual fuel-powered equipment. These pressure pumping units replace up to 65 percent of diesel fuel with clean-burning natural gas.
  • Wireline & Perforating – FTSI offers premium wireline solutions in major U.S. basins to answer the unique needs of customers. These include Cased-Hole Logging Services, Standard and Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Services, Pipe Recovery, Pipeline Inspection and Tool Recovery, Wireline Pressure Control, Slickline and many other services.
  • Advanced Reservoir Optimization Technologies – FTSI’s Corporate Technology Center (CTC) is the epicenter for the research and development of advanced well completion technology, equipment and resources. The CTC is led by experts in fields such as geomechanics, core flow, fracturing fluid design and proppant transport. They use state-of-the-art technology to solve the most daunting well completion problems facing our customers today.

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