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Position Summary: Develop and implement fleet strategies in coordination with the Supply Chain team. Administrate vehicle/equipment registration, logistics and maintenance requirements to follow FTS vehicle policies and safety goals. Additional emphasis surrounding fleet technology, including but not limited to electronic logging devices and satellite tracking.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in technology implementation (Telematics, ARI Insights and/or other Enterprise Asset Management, Satellite Tracking, Equipment, Wi-Fi Hotspots, etc.) and management practices (shop-management/performance, driver/vehicle utilization) to ensure the overall effectiveness of mobile assets.
  • Work with fleet team to implement that the Light Duty Vehicle Policy is distributed and enforced.
  • Assist with presentations, spreadsheets, etc. as directed by a manager.
  • Develop and maintain data organization related to titles, purchase documents, etc. within the fleet department.
  • Provide analytical support in the development and execution of reports to find opportunities for improvement within the context of corporate goals and initiatives.
  • Administrate vehicle acquisitions, maintenance schedules and corresponding asset sales.
  • Develop and maintain route optimization tools to support operations.
  • Proactively monitor and maintain data in the ELD provider portal, ensuring FMCSA compliance and the continuing improvement of driver safety scores.
  • Serve as backup for fleet personnel in various duties and process general requests (registrations, permitting, titling, etc.), and assist in regulatory compliance for State and Federal regulations pertaining to mobile assets. May include working with other departments and/or districts (IRS, DOT, IRP, IFTA, OSHA).
  • Proactively seek ways to improve FTSI asset management policies.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Educational and Other Requirements:

  • Associates Degree or Bachelor Degree preferred.
  • Strong analytical skills. Able to perform standard invoice auditing and cost/benefit analysis.
  • Effective problem-solving, communication (written and verbal) and organizational skills.
  • Must have the ability to plan, organize.
  • Travel may be required.
  • Sensitive to confidential information.
  • Must work independently and as a member of team.

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