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Position Summary: Provide a high level of technical advice, counsel, management and support in connection with the design, development and operation of well stimulation services. Monitor injection rates and pressures, perform quality control and development and submit post-job assessments, evaluations, recommendations, analyses and reports. Additionally, will be required to provide on-site pre- and post-job evaluations, assessments and recommendations concerning treatment procedures and processes, design changes and serve as a professional resource for FTS personnel and client representatives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance with management directives and FTS policies, processes and procedures by engineering department in assigned district.
  • Perform real-time monitoring and evaluation of well stimulation services performed for customers.
  • When requested, design job models for customers based upon applicable scientific, mathematic and engineering principals and taking into consideration geological data and operational parameters, requirements, and/or restrictions of the customer and the objectives of the customer.
  • Provide technical advice, assessments, evaluations, recommendations and counsel to FTS and customers concerning the design, development and operation of well stimulation services, processes and procedures and recommend design changes where appropriate.
  • Analyze and evaluate issues involving job-site technical, operational, design, engineering and geological issues and confer with and advise customer representatives of recommended solutions to issues involving jobs being performed for the customer.
  • Perform post-job evaluation and assessments, and submit evaluations, assessments, and recommendation to FTS management and customers.
  • Perform well testing and diagnostics to determine formation properties.
  • Performs QAQC testing for all chemicals and proppants used in hydraulic fracturing.
  • Maintains all records related to job function and postjob reporting.
  • Use and apply mathematics and scientific principles to fulfill job duties.
  • Writes technical reports for FTS clients and management personnel.
  • Performs other related duties as required.
  • Interact with and advise clients and client’s technical personnel regarding frac design, research and equipment.
  • Collect samples of customer fluids for initial testing prior to treatment of reservoir and evaluate test results to determine proper fluids use for job as designed.

Educational and Other Requirements:

  • Field Engineer: Bachelor degree in engineering.
  • Field Tech Representative: Bachelor’s degree in geological field such as geology or geophysics (provided adequate courses in science and mathematics necessary to perform duties and responsibilities taken).
  • A minimum of two years of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of mathematical and scientific principles applicable to hydraulic fracturing and ability to make practical application of such knowledge in performance of duties.
  • Ability to utilize education, training and experience to design models for frac jobs and to assist Field Engineers and Field Technical Representatives with these matters.
  • Ability to assess and evaluate situations utilizing scientific, geological and operational education, training and experience, and present advice, counsel and recommendations to clients concerning hydraulic fracturing jobs before, during and after frac job is performed.
  • Ability to draft post-job technical reports to FTS’ management and to clients.
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise two or more Field Engineers and/or Field Technical Representatives in assigned district.
  • Knowledge of general confidential information policies, procedures and regulations that governs employee and employer confidentiality, and of FTS’ confidentiality policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of general business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

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