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What Does It Take to be a Successful Salesperson in the Technical B2B Space?

What does it take to be a successful salesperson in a complex business-to-business (B2B) environment, such as the one in which FTS International (FTSI) operates? Chances are, if you ask most sales professionals, “What sets you apart from your peers?” the response you will receive will leave you less than informed, or you may not get much of an answer at all. The inability of some salespeople to describe what has made them successful is not uncommon. Read More

My View on Influential Engagement

As the oil and gas industry shows signs of rebounding, pressure pumping companies like FTSI continue to lower operational costs while achieving record activity levels. The “doing more with less” approach is undoubtedly making a big difference. Read More

Boundless Opportunity

Have you ever stopped to reflect on the intrinsic value your work relationships have had on your professional development or, better yet, what impact your individual contributions have had on your company as a whole? Read More

Good Vibrations: How Strategically Positioning Vibration-Collecting Sensors Helps FTSI Better Predict Maintenance Needs

We’ve all been there: After saving a document or graphic, we hit Ctrl-P to send it off to the ink and rollers. We take the short walk down the hall to the print room to retrieve our creation, only to realize that there is an error message on the machine, and the expected brief retrieval turns into multiple minutes of troubleshooting, reloading paper, re-booting the machine or, in the worst of situations, possibly a swift kick to make sure the machine knows how serious we are about claiming the anticipated product. Read More

FTS International’s Dual Fuel Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment Increases Operational Efficiencies, Provides Cost Benefits

FTSI’s goal is to increase operational efficiencies while ensuring the equipment reliability and operational safety that our customers expect. With that in mind, we introduced our first dual fuel hydraulic fracturing pump in 2013 to Cabot Oil and Gas in the Appalachian Basin. Read More

FTSI Launches Engineering Internship Program

FTSI’s field engineering internship program launched last week. This program provides future engineers an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of hydraulic fracturing and teaches them how to apply the theoretical situations they have learned in school to actual operations. Read More