FTSI reinforces its safety culture by ensuring caution and responsibility in everything we do for our customers. Our industry leading safety performance is a result of collaborative efforts involving all employees.

To that end, FTSI follows comprehensive health and safety practices, such as:

  • Safety audits for every district and work location
  • Companywide TRIR of 0.23 for 2019
  • Comprehensive onboarding training program
  • Mentoring program for new employees
  • Fit for duty Worksteps verification
  • Field Safety Coordinator for every location
  • Behavior based safety observations performed by all employees
  • Safety meetings on all work locations
  • Extensive safety policies and procedures
  • Comprehensive incident management protocols which minimize impacts to all parties
  • Highly effective fire suppression systems at each job site
  • No OSHA or other regulatory citation since 2013

Although we believe the best emergency response plan starts with prevention, in the rare event of an emergency, we immediately implement a well-defined and updated emergency response plan. This plan, created by our management team, aims to protect our employees and the public.

In the event of an emergency, our top priority is the safety of our employees and the community. We work with public safety officials and emergency responders to determine necessary steps to protect both life and property.